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How to Find the Best Family Law Attorney in Pensacola for a Divorce Consultation

How to Find the Best Family Law Attorney in Pensacola for a Divorce Consultation

Although deciding to divorce is never an easy one, finding the best family law attorney in Pensacola for a divorce consultation does not have to be a complicated process. The following five tips will significantly simplify the process.

· Online Reviews – Various divorce attorneys are found through a simple Google search, many with personal websites containing client testimonials. Simply input “family law in Pensacola” into your favorite browser. When visiting these websites, consider a lawyer’s education, experience, and ensure that one’s chosen attorney is a family law specialist. Besides, view Martindale-Hubbell reviews, which rate attorneys based on highest ability and highest ethical rankings.

· Ask for Recommendations – Asking friends, family, and loved ones for recommendations is one of the easiest and quickest ways to find the best family law attorney.

· Visit Local Law Firms – Visiting local law firms is also an option, as it is a way to make sure that one is comfortable with their attorney. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, many attorneys are now offering virtual consultations as a way to adhere to social distancing regulations.

· Referrals – Once in contact with a divorce attorney, do not hesitate to ask them for client referrals, and be sure to follow up with these. Attorney referrals can also be obtained from other professionals, such as one’s doctor, dentist, or other type of lawyer. Many attorneys are familiar with other attorneys in other law specialties in their local community.

· Consult the Local Bar Association – Consulting the local Florida Bar Association can be a significant first step in locating the perfect divorce attorney in Pensacola. More information about the American Bar Association, including a handy map by state, can be found online.

What to Consider When Choosing a Divorce Attorney

Various factors should be considered when selecting a family law attorney, including one’s budget and the experience of the attorney. Pay attention to how one is treated by firm staff, as well as the attorney himself. Take notes. Ask about fees. Find out about the attorney’s licensing and if they have ever been disciplined. Finding out about disciplinary procedures is done by searching for one’s state’s disciplinary commission, and finding out if any ethics complaints have been brought against the attorney.

Benefits of a Divorce Attorney

Hiring a professional family law attorney has many benefits, including a lawyer who will answer client phone calls or emails promptly, one who treats clients with compassion and respect, as well as one who informs clients about the case every step of the way.

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